Target, Wal-mart, Toys R Us lancaster California Review


this is what TARGET,WALMART, AND TOYS R US is boys are 5 and 10 years old and love to collect sports cards. they do chores to make a little money so they can save up to buy cards. when they have enough money they go to these stores and spend there hard earned money on these sports cards. they are not cheap! the cards are in a box with maybe 5 to 7 packs a box. they are 20$ a box. these packs have what they call”pull cards”” pull cards are randomly inserted into these what is going on is someone is going through each pack

opening them

taking out these “”pull cards”” putting the regular cards back and resealing the box!(they are not doing a good job because you can tell they did it!). now if you try to get your money back the stores say that the item is a collectors item purchase and they sell it as is! so there is someone out there stealing cards and let me tell you there are cards out there worth 100$ to 5

000$!!! so i have tried to tell the managers of each store and they really have no answer! i also tried to contact the actual card manufactures and they have no answer! this means kids are going to get ripped off and employees at these stores are getting rich! nRichnLancaster


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