Tavis & Bunyard Review


SAVE YOUR MONEY. Shawn Bunyard is a complete fraud. Comes off like a knowledgable attorney, then after you dig deeper, you discover a canyon’s deep worth of former clients who want to drive him out of town and the legal profession on the next stage. He’ll place a lien on your house in advance of completing services (on file, just inquire). He’ll mix up paperwork. He’ll be totally unprepared when he walks into court….and then he’ll hit you with tens of thousands of dollars in fees which, when you look closely at his billables, amount to a few phone calls and ‘research.’ This guy is a joke! Do NOT waste your time and money on him. Be sure to ask around Sonoma County, Calif. family law. Other attorneys do not hate him for his legal arguments. They hate him for taking up airspace. He’s quite ridiculous. Seriously.


  • Name: Tavis & Bunyard
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Santa Rosa
  • Address: 4010 Montecito Avenue
  • Phone: 707-578-9386
  • Website: www.tavislaw.com/

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