Tawkify, Inc. Review


The Twakify dating service is a scam and I fell for it. I hope this report can be a warning to you. You can see on BBB (Better Business Bureau) that they have over 100 customer compaints, with a 1 star average rating, so unfortunetely my case is the norm and not the exception. There are two reasons for why this matchmaking service is a scam: | 1.) They guarantee 3 dates over 3 months for $1,500. I did not get 3 dates in the *guaranteed* time period and I accepted all options they offered me. When I contacted them about it, there was no response and no refund. They didn’t provide the service and kept the money. | 2.), Their dates are complete swindles… I went on one. They make up stuff abuot you to get someone to agree to a blind date with you, that’s how they get you dates… They will tell your date made up things about your height, your interest, where you live, how much money you make, your job, etc. None of it true, or at best exaderated. They will make you sound AMAZING to the potential date so they meet you (that’s how they make money), problem is you are none of those things so the person on the date feels mislead and it is impossible to have a good date based on Tawkify lying on your behalf when you never asked them to.


  • Name: Tawkify, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Francisco
  • Address: 525 Brannan St. Suite 308
  • Phone: (844) 494-7280
  • Website: tawkify.com/

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