Taxes Made EZ Complaint


As, a new business owner, I needed a Tax Preparer to advise & handle both my personal & business matters. I had a meeting with a representive, and was asssured that for a $125 every month ( auto-debited) they could in fact handle all my needs. When it came time to file my taxes I turned to them, first they were not very organized, they had misplaced all of my personal info that I have given them. I then received a call stating that the return was completed (April 2) so i needed to go and reveiw & sign the return. Because I had already had a good idea of what the return about should be, when then told me it was about $2, 000.00 less than what I had figured, I questioned to look over the return, On the first page the error was plain as day, they only had 1 of my 3 children listed, a $1300.00 error. My tax credits for eng. saving appliances and weatherizing cost were not included or listed on the return. So, I was told they were corrected, then Efiled. I was told the the return was going to cost $450.00 which I agreed to. On April 10th I received a call stating that my return was rejected, because they didn’t realize I needed to file a Partnership form, at which point they told me it was going to cost another $350. and because the deadline was 5 days away I had no choice. I was told that the return was going to be direct deposited Apr. 27th, when that didnt happen I called the IRS directly I was told that there were MAJOR ERRORS on my return MADE BY THE ACCOUNTING FIRM, That 1 of was my children were listed as Deceased, that my Self Employment Tax was not filed, and the EIC was wrong. When I called TAXES MADE EZ I was told that there was nothing they could do until they received the letter from the IRS stating their ERRORS. After 11 days on the phone with the IRS and 3months later my return was sent out, because of the time lapse it was not direct deposited, and on July 9th JP MORGAN CHASE Bank (the RAL Bank) sent (MY MONEY) to TAXES MADE EZ minus the $1300 in ERRORS, JP Morgan fee of $36 and $999 in Fees from TAXES MADE EZ, Not only did i lose with the IRS because of this firms errors but I still had to pay them almost a $1000. and they still have not giving me my return as of today August 17th, 2010. I was told they lost it !!! And another would have to be re-issused that was 3 weeks ago. Just in TAXES MADE EZ Fees it was $1625.00 There is more to this complaint just not enough of a text box. AVOID THIS COMPANY IT WILL COST YOU MORE THAN ITS WORTH.

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