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Complaint: Alert!!! Dog Breeder Fraud – Bait and Switch Need some assistance to help a person located in Riverdale, Michigan who was victimized by a dog breeder located in Gainesville, Georgia. If there is anyone out there that can provide some assistance and guidance, legal or otherwise. To help recover funds from breeder Taylor Camp dba TLC Saint Bernards located in Gainesville, Georgia. All attempts in the past several weeks to reach him, via phone and email, have been unsuccessful. He will respond to emails from anyone he believes is a potential new client. The buyer and breeder had entered into an agreement on the purchase and delivery of a specific Saint Bernard pup. Upon receiving the pup, she immediately notified the breeder, to inform him that the wrong pup had been sent. She made a considerable investment in a dog that was never delivered and the one received was not only the wrong one, but it was in poor health; as verified by a veterinarian. The pup was returned; breeder accepted full responsibility for sending the wrong pup and agreed to refund the purchase price of said dog and all other expenses incurred or send the correct pup, that was originally agreed on. A refund was never made and a replacement pup was never received. On the rare occasions where she did manage to make contact with him, he kept offering other dogs as a replacement but he had already stated a month before that all dogs were taken. It’s clear now that the pup he had advertised was never really available. He did offer a male pup but at the same time offered him for sale to other people who inquired. He has made it clear and stated through email, that she will never see a penny of her money. She needs justice; any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Address: 3427 Green Apple Rd. Gainesville, Georgia United States of America


Phone: 678-873-8862

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