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I special ordered a mother of the bride dress and it came too small. I went back and forth with this company for over 2 months and they just quit emailing me. Internet is the only way to contact them as they are from China. I request over and over again for a refund and they always went around and around about valid pictures. I sent them over 30 pictures and still not valid. I told them no matter how you take the pictures it is not going to make the dress grow 4 inches. That is how big of a difference there was in the size I ordered and the size it came in. They can’t read, see, or sew. It is costing me more money to have the dress fixed than I paid for it. I wanted to send back and get my money back but they would not take it. Even though they say the quarentee their work they don’t. So I was stuck with a dress that does not fit or pay the extra $200.00 to have it fixed. Really frustrated with this company. I went through paypal and they would not even help me as it was past 45 days. Well they are no good either and is takes that long to get your dress. I am very pissed off at this whole deal. They should be shut down! How many people do they have to be fraudelant against before they are shut down?

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