TD Bank, N.A. Review


I had a checking account with TD Bank a few years back. And like so many people whose stories I have read, TD Bank was ‘feeing’ me to death! They indeed DO hold deposits and charge exorbitant overdraft fees with the so-called “Overdraft Protection” plan (which they automatically enroll you in. You actually have to go into the bank and sit down with one of the people at the desk and specifically tell them that you DO NOT WANT their overdraft protection). I was charged $35, $75, $105 consecutively for supposed overdrafts when my company paycheck was Direct Deposited to TD Bank. | I say all of that to say I have experience with their devious ways and means. So I slowly moved my money out of their bank. First my savings and checking accounts. Then my credit card debt. | Finally on January 2nd I did a debt consolidation with a competing bank who sent TD Bank a check on January 2, 2018 to completely pay off my bank loan with TD Bank. | I should be out of there!! But they took one more insidious swing at me! | The automatic withdrawals from my new checking account in a competing bank was approved by me several years ago as a means of paying my loan with TD Bank Down regularly. My $15,000 loan was paid down to $3344.89 by December of 2017. It was then I decided to consolidate my remaining debt and have a check sent to TD Bank to pay off the loan. | TD Bank representative Kim M said in a ‘secure’ response to me that TD Bank received the funds on January 10 2018 to pay off my loan. She said, “the payoff was short by $7.45. Due to the small amount owed, the $7.45 was waived and your loan was closed.” | It makes TD Bank sound so benevolent! | Two days later $295.47 was taken from my checking account – the regular payment to TD Bank, now for a loan that was already closed two days before. | When is somebody going to stop these crooks? | Now I am desperately trying to get that money back. They will find out how tenacious I am. | But really, aren’t enough people ticked off with TD Bank that something will be done about their greedy, devious and lawless practices?


  • Name: TD Bank, N.A.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Maine
  • City: Portland
  • Address: P.O. Box 9540
  • Phone: 1‑888‑751‑9000
  • Website:

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