Teach Me To Trade Review


This company has scammed thousands of people and profited from having people run up their credit limits or spend their life savings all in the hopes of a better way of life. Their advertising and seminars deceived and mislead consumers by making direct and indirect implications that by using their products or services, a consumer can attain wealth and financial independence when that is not the experience of the typical consumer. Whitney Education/Teach Me To Trade used “testimonials” from individuals claiming to have achieved success using Whitney’s educational products or through other inaccurate statements in the infomercials about what would be taught at the seminars. Other consumers have complained that the introductory programs and seminars, touted as training that would change careers and lifestyles and give persons financial freedom and independence, covered only very rudimentary information and were used mainly to entice consumers to purchase “more advanced” and significantly more expensive training programs costing thousands of dollars. I would love to be able to build a class action against this company. .

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