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Complaint: A few months back I contacted Team Viewer and inquired about a remote subscription. I decided to use a trial and try it out. After a few weeks I concluded that the functions I needed were not included and it wouldn’t be useful to me. I contacted sales and asked a few more questions and then asked the sales person to send me an invoice on costs. The sales person sent the invoice saying “Thank you for your purchase”” with a few lines. 1. Activate2. Download I NEVER ACTIVATED THE LICENSE or clicked the link and logged in to do so. I was then sent a follow up email with a PDF attachment with the invoice. On the bottom of the invoice it clearly stated: The license is subject to our end-user license agreement which is available at By activating the license you agree to be bound by its terms. To complete the payment process

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Address: please use the following link and select your preferred payment method: Payment (Please include this invoice number in your payment) None of this was completed and again I never activated and therefor accepted their license agreement. I also did not process any payment or follow up with any communications since. I also have not logged into the account or attempted to since that date. Now the company has been chasing me in email to pay this invoice. I ignored it thinking they were just trying to get me to subscribe. Finally a few months later I reply to the request for payment email and said “”I never activated or used this license please void”” The reply from sales was “”You didn’t cancel in 7 days so you have to pay”” Cancel what? I never activated or paid for anything. Finally I call and all I am dealing with is sales reps who want their commission. They insist I activated the license (Lies) and that I must pay. I said I am not paying for something I didn’t activate or use. They are now threatening to send me to collections. Shady business tactics. I asked to speak with someone in charge and the sales rep stated the manager would tell me the same thing and that she was too busy to call me back. I am still waiting on a return phone call. I want this invoice voided and for all attempts to receive payment on a subscription I never activated or signed up for to stop. I also want proof that this invoice has been closed.”


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