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Complaint: This company is nothing less then no backbone in management and get ready to get left 2000 miles from home if you say the wrong thing. Here is the deal this company sends you to training tells you. You will get per diem so you need nothing . You get there there is no per diem finally two days later they get a card for 1 week of per diem …Ok set you up in a nice ficticious hotel telling you we care about our contractors we want only the best to feel at home type of stay. Well for one there background check and research on contractors is pathetic there was a select few that met the simplified requirements . So after getting threw the first week the send to do some installs survey what ever once again no perdiem as promissed by the companys requiters . So you go threw the week 2 no moneys they pay for your room and car rental up front what ever so you get threw that week then they want yuou to go into the field and start your work once again no perdiem as promissed so week three still [paying out of pocket no moneys other then 1 week of per diem 210 bucks . Asking about exspense reports no response sent multible emails all they car about is what you have done so far…So 3 weeks later I get check I was told by the project manager all moneys will be up to date on this check 800.00 a week and I guess per diem because I never seen anymore of it get check 1300 bucks far cry from 2400 and per diem that I was promissed so I am out 3 weeks no money then a slap in the face check for 1300.00 … Are you kidding me so you know got to give the benifit of the doubt who knows rite. So here is the deal I get a email from the director tells me buddy on Monday I will make everything straight I promiss we will get you square on Monday bud I just need you to take care of these critical sights ….this is Friday he highlight what he needed done as far as critical completed them by Saturday sent email said critical sites done ok for one work week was from Monday to thursday and this is my first week in the feild I was told to do one a day from the people this companys contracts threw one no more then and by the diorector of netview says ya just first couple weeks we are goin to keep it hourly so just take yopur time and do it right one a day …so come Monday no call no nothing oh email late at night saying oops sorry day got away from me you know what YOU TOLD ME MONDAY WE WILL BE SQUARE PAID UP TO DATE PERIOD nothing until Thursday did I get a call so ya I just continued one a day rite wtf so Thursday finally talk tells me man I cant do anything until next payday .WHAT day started out good was planning on completing all sites and going home by morning after he told me no money ya what would you do I am 2000 ,miles away from home no moneys as promissed and I have been away now for 3 and a half weeks living on nothing slept in my car because there managemant didnt get me a fricken room one night, I then got the flu had 102 temp and dealing with this a*s that tells me for sure you will have money Monday bullshit bullshit bullshit so I had 102 temp sent them a text email saying well I am hurting today struggling not sure if I can make it through the day 102 temp does that to you and you just told me you cant do anything until next week now why would I believe that so I cant get threw the day no one is answering me back have no room to stay in because they have a problem with my wondering were the money you promiossed me is . SO 102 temp feeling wiered sick been away ferom home for almost a month and these assholes wont talk to me nothng. Call A friend I have not seen in 20 plus years desperate move tell him man been a while but was wondering if you could help me out fortunitly his family was awsome wife got me to bed fed me meds ect next morning wake up early feel great focussed on the day still no word from these assholes so whatever start doing my stuff 3 more done finished one finsishing on the second one I look in my email and see a ticket for a bus ride home 2000 miles away are you fricken kidding me and the email was sewnt at 330 the bus leaves at 4:00 and it tells me to get there a hour early and the time I seen the email it was 530 I DIDNT EVEN KNOW SPINLESS a*s COULDNT CALL ME AND TELL ME HEY I AM GETTING READY TO STICK IT IN YOUR a*s BECAUSE one I dont like your email and two you only doing 1 a day you came in last out of 14 listen a*****e you stood rite in front of me and told me do one a day you ask me to get your critical sites done so I worked weekend and did 2 a day and you told me all my finances will be up tom date on monday bullshit bullshit then I get sick and you leave me flippen stranded no place to go ..So I send email call wtf was is going on make my plea man what the hell is going on you cant tell me wtf everything was good yesterday making the pot sweeter and end of conversation you say cant get ypou no money for another week I got kids and bills a*****e say wtf you mean you want productivity bullshit you get what you told me to and I am not going out of my way for someone that blows smoke up guys a*s. I send a plea to there travel basically begging them to get me a fricken plane ticket home I dont give a s**t take it out of my check just get me home . So I am on site guy tells me get the hell away from there I had to go get my stuff airport no flights out so sleeping in airport 102 temp sick as can be next morning a*****e cussing telling me send me a f**king email saying you are going to pay for your ticket home what the hell ever get home thank god gone a month no money get to see my kids wife aasking well how was it good lession for kids me as well so finally get a check this check was suppossed to have 4 weeks of per diem 2 weeks of work at hourly 20 a hr this is what the director stood before me and told me so 1600 bucks and around 900.00 in exspenses my check was 630.00 they made me pay for my plane ticket bus ticket I had no knowlede about and what ever else they wont send me a itemized bill just take it out THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST COMPANY DO NOT WORK FOR THEM UNLESS YOU LIKE TO WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND GET LEFT BEHIND BY SOMEONE WHO FLEW YOU THERE FOR THERE BENIFIT ….THEY ARE SPINELESS SHADY TERRIBLE COMPANY WASTED MY TIME AND SET ME AND MY FAMILY BACK IN SUCH A WAY NOT KNOWING WERE TO TURN. THIS IS NOT THE LAST OF MY PURSUIT TO LET EVERYONE AND EVERYBODY I CAN KNOW ABOUT THIS SHADY COMPANY SO WATCH OUT NETVIEW BBB AND EVERY SINGLE BLOG I CANT FIND ……..

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Address: 2215 tryon street charlotte, North Carolina United States of America


Phone: 7047481445

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