Techdrive INC Review


This started with a continuation of reports stating with a large red bar over the screen that google was force shutting down our computer after sensing malicious files or pornography within the system. This would then be followed with a phone number claiming to be able to help the user reset their computer and remove the virus. During this time period every function would be locked down except for the power button which had to be prompted to a reset to resolve the problem. After a few tries the company received a call from us asking how we could fix it. They then went through a long spheal of how we have what was called a "Zeus virus" and had to hand over controls to them. They go on to run a full diagnostic of the computer and While they were doing such (over a two hour period) I had noticed the deletion of many personal files like our existing ad blocker and such like that. They then went on to ask for a largely inflated price for computer protection, we ended up paying for the cheapest one of two years not knowing what else to do running up a bill of close to $300About a year later we get a call from the company wishing to inflate the priced by about $29.95 a month which had later not went into effect for unknown reasons. But before we had known that we had canceled the card on the plan, we had not agreed to any up charges which resulted in a call asking to refund the money they had taken. At that point they had already charged the $300 and we didn’t buy it as they asked for a valid card to exchange the money onto.Today we had gotten a call Almost 2 years after the exchange asking to charge the card back for another 2 years of membership.Calling them back the receiver was barely legible and resulting after attempts to hear the other end had hung up from their side.This business seems to be known by the but is truly going against many policies.I hope this helps.

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