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We were out of town and my sister was staying in our home when the air quit working. We had Technical Services put in a new unit in 2010. It cost $6500 which we realize was the original rip off. Called them for repair. They spent less than 5 minutes upstairs in the garage before they came down and said “it’s bad, real bad.” Said we had extensive mold, including in all the ducts, and we needed mold remediation and a UV light installed to prevent further mold. Also said coil was bad and line going into unit needed replaced. Said they were pretty sure they could get warranty for it so labor only. Quoted $3590 to fix it. They showed up the next day and we told them to hold off, as that was a lot of money. They were extremely concerned about my sister staying in a hot house. Right. We had a referred company check out the unit. They immediately got it running and injected dye in the coils to check for a leak. No mold. Technical Services did not inject dye, so I’m not sure how they knew about a leak. As it turns out, there is no mold and a coil leak. Less than $700 to repair. I can help but wonder how many elderly and snow birds have been scammed by this company. By the way, new units cost somewhere near $4000. In the end, we only paid them a $69 service call. .

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