Tekwire Review


I was setting up my brand new computer and when installing Office 365, I got a pop up then a man called me saying he was with Microsoft, he had an Indian accent. I believed the man and allowed him access to my computer, after four hours they called me and said they would call me the next day for me to make the payment of $259.00. Mind you, they said the only payment I could make was through e-check. I called my bank, explained to them the situation and all sorts of red flags came up. I was instructed to disconnect my computer from the internet immediately and take my computer back to Best buy to have it checked out. So, I took my computer in to the Geek Squad and they found a lot of suspicious things, so now they are wiping the whole system to make sure there are no hidden viruses. I didn’t even have my computer 24 hours and now I have to wait 3 days to get it back thanks to these hackers. Please note, Microsoft will NEVER call you or email you, they only go through pop ups.

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