Tele Circuit- USBI Review


I first noticed it last month. I started questioning why our ATT phone bill was a little high when it’s usually always the same every month. So I looked at the paper statement and saw an extra unauthorized charge from USBI. Their number was listed on the paper so I called to see what it was. A man answered and I immediateley asked him about the unauthorized charge. He looked up my info and said that I had in fact authorized it and that there was a recording of me. I firmly said No I did not because since we don’t have caller ID we do not answer the phone unless we know who it is. He said he was gonna play the so called recording for me. So I waited while he “looked” for it. Comes back to tell me that the playback was not working. Yea right. He finally says they took the charge off, gave me a confirmation number and says I have to call ATT to let them know. I thought that was the end of that. I was wrong. This month it happened again. I had to call 3 times because they kept hanging up on me. The third time I called I was finally able to talk to somebody and complain. She told me, after a while, it was settled, gave me a confirmation number as well and then said that next month I was going to see the same charge but after that I shouldn’t see it anymore. So I told her that I wasn’t going to be paying for an unauthorized charge because I had already settled this last month. I will not pay for something I don’t have to be paying for. So she just says OK. I hope I don’t see the same charge again because I will keep calling and I will NOT pay them.

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