Tempe PowerSports and Marine, LLC Review


The company Tempe Powersports and marine will not return ANY security deposit. They will tell you that it will be returned within 10 days, but it never gets returned to you. The employee named "Stacey" will tell you that the owner has either approved it already or is about to approve it and it will show in your account in a few days. However, that’s never the case. They do this hoping that people will give up the fight for their money. These people are liars, thieves and will do anything to keep your deposit. This company will conveniently rename itself once it receives too many bad reviews online. It was Full Throttle Powersports, then FT powersports, now its Tempe Powersports and Marine. The address never changes, they are at 1111 n. miller road in Tempe. Unless you use and AMEX or have a good lawyer, your chances of getting your money back are slim to none. There plenty of reviews online and on the ScamPulse.com website that document this exact behavior over and over again.

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