Terrible and horrible!


My friends and I are more of a traveller than any other group could be, it was only the last month we were back from a trip, and because this was our time to enjoy we decided to go for another day trip with the Gastineau Guiding Company. This was the only of the few trips which turned out to be a horrible one for us and to make it even worse, it was one of the most expensive ones.
Pick up was on time by 6:00 am and we were dropped off to a nearby hotel and served with coffee and cheeseburgers immediately, this was way too early to serve the brunch because we were in our room refreshing ourselves and no sooner we were done with it we found that our brunch was totally cold and pale, but we decided not to send it back and have it like the way it was. I could never forget the taste of such a cheeseburger, it was not at all a perfect breakfast to serve, it was smelling so bad that we had to throw it away in the dustbin after our failed attempts to eat it. No refrigerator no ice cubes, we went out hungry until lunch. We had to wait for another hour for the tour bus to arrive. We successfully wasted our time waiting outside instead of having some more sleep and a proper breakfast.
Our guide then took us to a beach resort which had items to buy but we sadly couldn’t afford to buy because of such a high price. We then did a horse ride which was approximately a 10-minute ride as said by the guide but it turned out to be a total of a 60-minute ride through steep slopes and hill uptown. The horses kept slipping and tripping on the mud which made us a bit scared. Helmets were provided to us but they were too big of a size for us to fit in perfectly. I requested the guide to provide me with another helmet which fitted me at least a little better but he outright denied my request by saying “there is no need for another helmet, it is not that important bro”. This annoyed me to some extent but had to travel without a helmet throughout. Lunch was next, we stopped on a local outside restaurant, we were very hungry as we didn’t have our breakfast earlier but as soon as the lunch came we saw flies buzzing upon the food which was fucking gross, and we also had no idea about how long the food was outside, because it definitely wasn’t fresh. The food was not at all good but we had to fill our stomach so we ate it and proceeded with the trip.
Then the Gastineau Guiding Company dropped us back to our destination and this was such an awful trip for us and we paid a very good expense, expecting it to be a good day tour but it turned out to be such a horrible trip for us. It would be better if you go off alone instead of giving a lot of money to this guiding company which is useless. All these fuckers did was to take us to a less than an average hotel with the worst food ever and make the trip complete letting us ride on horseback for about an hour. These adventures can be done by us too. If you like riding horses in a very risky condition, eat food which can make u fall sick and like going to lustre beaches then this trip is meant for you.

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