Contrary to claims on the site, there is no museum of any kind. It is one man (middle age, white male) talk in the basement of some motel. He rents the space for his junk yard collection of objects. HE kept claiming to have real Tesla objects and documents but did not produce any of them. I wanted to leave explaining that his website and phone conversation with him misrepresent what he has to offer. He got nervous when he learned that I read two books about Tesla and visited Belgrade’s Tesla Museum. He then changed his position and admitted not to have any objects related to Tesla’s work or lab that was once in this area of Colorado. He called his collection of dysfunctional objects “closely resembling objects from Tesla’s time.” Not true. As I walked away he kept stepping up in front of me and demanded $50 for his 15 minute amateur talk about Tesla. This was fraud and I refused. He seemed very nervous and wanted to step in front of me. I did not feel comfortable alone with him in that basement. He agreed to walk with me upstairs if I give him $20 there. I did and left the building.. I demand His website should be stopped. It is his vehicle for attracting unsuspected kids and adults looking to learn about Tesla.. Stay away

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