Textbook Money Review


Misleading & Deceptive Advertising – False Claims – Non Delivery of Advertised Product | On July 15 I attended an online webinar after receiving an invitation via email. | The webinar outlined a business opportunity called Textbook Money. The concept was simple and involved buying used textbooks and selling them for a higher price. The cost of the system was USD $995 with an ongoing $95 monthly. | The webinar covered the following: | 1. An overview of the business. | 2. Extensive demonstrations of the software and examples of the large number of opportunities. | 3. Testimonials from people using the system. | Textbook Money included: | 1. Access to the training videos. | 2. Software to simplify the searching for profitable deals. | 3. A double money back guarantee. It appeared the promoters had confidence in it. | I installed the software and was amazed that the opportunities that were available 3 days ago did not exist. | The webinar showed hundreds of dollars of deals on each page. But 3 days later, there was nothing. | Another major concern was the software did not work as illustrated on the webinar. It was not possible to access the results from the major book supplier. | After several days of exchanging emails with their customer support, and trying to find profitable deals, I realised that I had not received what was shown in the sales presentation. I had been misled by their sales presentation, and the software did not work as advertised. | I asked some questions relating to the sales presentation and product delivery but did not receive a reply. From the non reply to those questions we can assume the following. | 1. The webinar that I attended was recorded 10 months ago. | 2. Textbook Money made no effort to advise that the webinar was recorded. | 3. Textbook Money deliberately misled the attendees of the webinar by implying that it was a “live” webinar. | 4. Textbook Money knew that the search results in the recorded webinar would be much better that any current results. | 5. Textbook Money failed to advise me or any other attendee that the search results in the webinar would be much better than any current results. | 5. At the time of the webinar, Textbook Money knew that the Bookscouter search function did not work. | 6. Textbook Money made no effort during or after the webinar to advise attendees that the Bookscouter function was not working. | 7. Textbook Money made no mention of the Bookscouter function not working when they delivered the product to me. | SUMMARY | Textbook Money deliberately misled me by showing a recorded webinar and implying it was live. | Textbook Money knew the search results in the recorded webinar would be much better than any current results, but failed to provide that information. | Textbook Money delivered to me, software that was not functioning as outlined in the webinar. | Textbook Money knew the software was not functioning correctly but made no effort to advise me. | About Textbook Money | This is another case of an a company marketing on the interent thinking it’s OK to say pretty much anything they like in their sales presentation. They think it’s OK to mislead people. They think it’s OK to deliver a product that does not work as advertised. They think it’s OK for them to refuse a refund because they have “a policy”. | Stay Away From These SCAMMERS


  • Name: Textbook Money
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Gainesville
  • Address: 210 Washington St. NW #203
  • Phone: 404-474-0663
  • Website: textbookmoney.com/

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