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I live in the US and I will not be able to spend my Christmas with my parents in Thailand this year so I mailed Christmas gifts to them in November 2010. Early December 2010, my parents received a notice from the postman that they need to pick up the package at the post office close to their home. The gifts were not worth anything more than $200. They were jacket for my dad and charming bracelets for my mom. They showed up at the post office, gave the pick up notice to the head of the postal department. He came back with a package but that”s not it. He asked that my parents paid close to $80 for custom fee, service fee, and tax. My parents asked the guy why they have to pay since I have always sent things over and normally the packages were delivered to their home by the postman. This is the first time that they have to show up at the postoffice and pay for their own gift! The guy did not listen and tried to explain why and when this stupid fee system started. All he said, if my parents wanted the package, they needed to pay. What the hell kind of country is this asking mail recipients to pay for taxes and custom fee. Everyone, beware if you ever want to mail anything to Thailand to your friends or family since your loved ones might be subject to this unnecessary, ripping fees! This is so outrageous that I am planning to advertise how corrupted this country and their people are to major media companies.

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