The Alaska Club West Anchorage Alaska


Complaint: A gentlemen by the Name of David who works at 5th Ave Mall and his main office is at The Alaska Club West, will course you into a contract and sign you up and if you find out you made a mistake and ask him to tare it up he will be very rude and disrespectful and threaten to call Mall Security. He is not customer friendly. I have received several other complaints from other customers in the mall including complaints from mall security themselves. He is very disrespectful and has no consideration for you once he gets you signed up. BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! This man is very rude and has no respect for married couples as well. He will also illegally accept contracts without verify the identity on the credit card being used. The scenario that I experienced through this gentleman’s terrible behavior and bad image to this company and the image he presents for the rest of The Alaska Club employees was threatening towards me as a husband to my wife and disrespectful to my wife as her husband. My wife who’s second language is English and is new to the US has no ideal how contracts work has told David no to his attempts to sign her up several times. I am legally financial responsible to my wife for immigration purposes and am the financial manger in my home and a soldier transitioning after 17 years in the service, we could not afford a contract for services we do not want when also we receive gym services for free on the instillation. My wife was told she was just signing up for a free membership and had no ideal she was signing a contract until after she gave it back to David. She believed the credit card was being used for identification purposes. When I found out I asked my wife to go back to David and tell him she made a mistake. She was nervous to speak to him again about it. So I took the contract back to David myself and tried to explain to him my wife made a mistake and to please tare up the contract, we don’t want your services. David immediately refuted me and instead tried to speak up in my wife’s defense for her right to make her own decisions regarding her health and fitness. I tried to explain to David that I’m military and have free services that I use on the installation and my wife and I regularly workout together. I look out for her health and fitness on a regular basis and this is something we can’t afford right now. But David rudely would not let me speak nor would he listen to me at all. Instead David interrupted me and accused me of not listening to him and not communicating with him. He then threaten me to call mall security and have me band from the mall. Not only did David not explain anything to her as far as how the contract works, he did not due his due diligence to verify the credit card being used as well. Because my wife not knowing how credit cards work and holding onto my wallet used my card having only my name on it. David should have not accepted the contract because the cards name was that of mine not hers. After this scenario I contacted The Alaska Club West several times and was told that the contract was being canceled. On my third call I was told there was nothing else I needed to do being it was still in the process of being canceled and showed that in their system. In fact it was not and my credit card was still charged and now i’m afraid once I cancel my card from future charges then The Alaska Club will send it to collections. I have been told by many customers trapped by this ploy that employees of The Alaska Club are very disrespectful and rude and the experience from many other customers at the 5th Ave Mall in Anchorage is that David will get you and then you are charged money on your card. I plan on taking further legal actions to sue the Alaska Club if this situation is not resolved by mitigating means. “Your experience with The Alaska Club after you sign a contract will be bad and rude customer service if you ever have a problem with them that needs to be dealt with. This company has a two face personality to their business.”””

Tags: Family Services, Fitness Consultants

Address: 1400 W Northern Lights Blvd Anchorage, Alaska USA



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