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The American is a complete rip off. I found a rental home on zillow and I made an appointment with Mrs.V Hart to view the home . I loved the home and decided to complete an application. I was told by Mrs. Hart that there were a few more people looking at the home as well and I needed to get my application completed and turn in all of my paper work before any one else makes an offer. I completed the applications and faxed all of my paper work . I waited 24 hours before I started calling. I called the office several times and didn’t get an answer . Finally I recieved a voicemail from some one claiming to be an underwriter I called that number back several times and left voicemails and still haven’t heard anything from The American I also called Mrs.V Hart and explained to her what happened because I know I have good credit and can passed the background checks and every thing . She then took my information and sent me an email saying that I probably was denied. I saved the email and reported this company to the BBB. I’m out of 70 dollars for application fees and I really think that this company makes a lot of money charging people for application fees and they never rent out their properties. I’ve learned a valueable lesson (if it seems to good to be true then it is).

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