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I used this service to find an apartment while I lived in another state. They faxed each property to me. In the meantime I also used a company called I was certain not to mix the properties but wanted expand my search for properties not listed with both sites. I found my apartment through which offers a $100.00 gift certificate if one takes a lease through their website. Unfortunately, when I filled in the lease agreement I could not recall which site I used and I incorrectly wrote Apartment (this was an error). I called La Paloma t to correct it and they told me not to worry about it. Since then I have tried to collect my $100.00 throu but La Paloma mgmt is saying they do not owe me the $100.00 since I found the apartment thru The Apartment Store (as written on the lease in error). So the Apartment Store personnel are lying. La Paloma gets out of paying the $100.00 rewards offered on DO NOT USE APARTMENT STORE to find a listing. They lie. You will lose a gift certificate of $100.00 if you use

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