The Autobarn Volkswagen of Evanston Review


Was lied to about extended warranty and promised to receive a copy of it with my contract in ten days in the mail. Everything I was told was covered was not. Not one thing. Snowed when I received car and was not told of unseen damage to front undercarriage, dent in door or rusted spot that had been covered up by grease. Found in one week a bad battery which had to be replaced wired in properly with duct tape. In time to get warranty info months later I found faulty seat belt sensor, faulty airbags, and a broken cruise control. Was verbally and specifically told these kind of repairs were included in my premiere package and they were not. Was not told of 200 deductible on warranty fixes. Was transfered from one department to another always with promising a return call which never came. Probably spent forty to fifty hours trying to get information of warranties that were promised to be sent. | Was continually informed that information would be sent. Was never provided the information of what I bought except car contract with price much more than what I was shown on computer. Was told I would receive a better interest rate if I didn’t have the price dropped to what other dealers were asking and misleading shown how their way saved me money. I am disabled and on disability. With the lies and misleading information of not being covered for what was said I will probably lose car. I could have bought a brand new 6 year newer car for approximately 3000 more. Possibly less. They shuffled papers and only honed in on computer what they wanted me to see. Now they will not take my phone calls or give me anyone responsible to take care of thus. | In one week of owning vehicle had to replace bad battery and found out the wiring for battery was held together by duct tape. It was a heavy snow when I bought car. Could not see the accident that was damaged in front undercarriage of car, or dent in door and small rusted chip in handle that was covered up by grease. Was told my not getting price lowered was because salesman would not get paid but they would give me a better interest rate. My 12,500 car ended being 22,503.


  • Name: The Autobarn Volkswagen of Evanston
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Evanston
  • Address: 1033 Chicago Ave
  • Phone: 1 847-866-7600
  • Website:

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