The Berry Company Review


The Berry Company handles the yellow page advertising for numerous smaller town directories in our area. However in the last year their customer service has been nothing short of horrible. Berry doubled the listing cost for one town, over doubled the agreed to price on another three towns and when we faxed them a copy of what we agreed to the customer service person agreed they were wrong, but nobody could or has been able to straighten this mess up. We started complaining to the Missouri Att. General”s office however just this last week (Dec. 27, 2011) we received a letter from their office explaining how they could not get Berry to respond so now it was our problem to deal with. Another horrible problem is that this company is now renewing our contracts without our approval or knowledge at higher prices!! This company (Berry) without a doubt the worst company we have EVER dealt with. Any phone company who hires this company to handle their yellow page advertising should know what type of customer service and ethics they are dealing with. Stay away from Berry Advertising!!!

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