The Best Rate Companies, LLC Review


I met Robert Evans over the phone and was told that his company offered top contracts with major life insurance carriers, free qualified leads, and all of the top electronic submission tools to assist in processing business quickly. He told me that there was a $550 lead deposit that was in place to prevent people from stealing leads and eliminate time wasters that were not committed. He offered to cut it in half and told me that it would be refunded when I reached a reasonable amount of approved business. I let him know that I supported my wife and family and that I could not afford too much professional “down time”. He assured me that if I returned all of my contracting paperwork quickly that they could have me contracted and up an running quickly. I spent the better part of a weekend completing contracting paperwork and training videos and was excited to get started. By that Thrusday I had not received any carrier correspondence related to my contracting paperwork. I was already contracted with several of the carriers and this process should have been fairly quick. I contacted Robert on that Thursday and was told that they DID not do any of your contracting until you submitted your first business and that your first applications with each carrier was going to involve paper applications that would need to be either faxed or emailed over to clients and then returned. If you have sold insurance over the phone you know that getting hard copies of applications returned is at best cumbersome and in many cases next to impossible. When I protested to him he assured me that he would get in touch with his contracting department and get back with me. The next day I received an out of office email letting me know that he would not be available. I called and left a message with no return call. I left a message on Saturday and did not hear back again. On Monday I got an email apologizing and telling me that he had broken a tooth over the weekend and would be unable to call me because he would be at the dentist. Funny, I have broken a tooth before and I know that I did not spend the entire day at the dentist having it repaired. On the following day, Tuesday, I got another email that said he had to go back to the dentist again and again would be unavailable. I left another message and again got no response. On Wednesday emailed him and told him that his lack of communication was not okay and that I wanted a refund of my $275 “deposit”. I had still not been contracted with any insurance carriers and still had not received any leads. He promised that he would process my refund in a timely manner and would make sure that I got my money back. Guess what? Surprise, surprise…it’s been almost one month and still no refund. He will not answer the phone and continues to tell me via email that will follow up on it. Stay away from Robert Evans and Best Rate Financial. I guess it’s true that “if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is”. I’m out $275 and should have known better than to “pay to play”. Robert sounded so down to earth and honest that I trusted him and got burned in the process. I ignored the fact that other than a rudimentary website you can’t find any trace of them when you do a seach. Shame on me. Consider yourself forewarned about Robert Evans and Best Rate Financial! Don’t get beat out of your hard earned money! .

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