The Country Club Directory Review


I was sold on placing and ad in Tampa directories by Lisa Davis. I paid for a full page ads around April 2017 which would supposedly target the members of 15 plus different country and Yatch club communitees in the Tampa Bay area. My first “Ad” apparently has not run. They did not send me a copy of the supposed printed directory as promised. | Obviously, I have not gotten any leads from the ad, as it was apparenlty was never produced. I first called “Lisa” in the spring (May or April, I think) and asked about getting a copy of the first printed set of magaizines. I was told they were having computer issues. Then I called again. This time they said they had mailed them out. Then I called again. This time they were doing computer upgardes. I never recieved anything. And I called agin, only to get another set of excuses. This has gone on for months. Multiple requests to have the magazines mailed or any proof that they went out to the areas promised. As of today (November 2017) I have not received any printed copies of the directories. I know people that live in these communitees and they have not seen any such publication. “Lisa” said she would send them to me at least 6 times and I received nothing – zero – zilch! It appears that this company will promise you alot, then do nothing, with zero intention of follow up. Then they use every trick in the book to wear you down with the goal of you just giving up.


  • Name: The Country Club Directory
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: New York
  • Address: 147 West 35th Street Suite 1007
  • Phone: (888) 259-2309
  • Website:

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