The Critical Thinking Co. Oregon


Complaint: The Critical Thinking Company, often shortened as The Critical Thinking Co. is located in North Bend, Oregon and is, in my opinion, the worst possible source for obtaining materials for assisting your child in his or her homeschooling career. They sent me material that was severely damaged that upon normal usage became completely unusable. When I confronted them about this they insisted that *I* was the one who abused what they had sent me. It was odd that they were so persistent in claiming something that they were not even present for. I did further research on these people and found horror story after horror story. One parent wrote to Amazon explaining how their children who is under five completed a booklet from The Critical Thinking Co. that covered four subjects in less than one hour. Essentially, this is encouraging a 40 minute school day, validating every single stigma that’s died to homeschool and a significant cost to your own wallet. On the Google Play store, The Critical Thining Co.’s apps are ranked at highest at only three stars, with other apps being ranked at only two or one stars. Another Amazon reviewer described The Critical Thinking Co.’s booklets as badley organized stating, “The layout is horrible. The paragraphs and exercises are all squashed together… it makes my eyes twitch.”” Jamie B. wrote “”We abandoned this text and found a different logic curriculum which was more student-friendly.”” From a lack of valuing consent to poor quality in what they have to offer

Tags: Con Artists

Address: it is clear that the Critical Thinking Co. does not value children’s futures but only cares about making money while selling overpriced garbage. My final assessment: Obtain your homeschooling components from literally anywhere else. I truly believe it would be impossible to find anyone worse.”


Phone: 1991 Sherman Ave. #200 North Bend, Oregon USA

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