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Complaint: To Whom It May Concern: STOP MISLEADING YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!! Your TV ads make the customer think you are going out of business and everything has to be sold right away. They rush in to buy things and guess what, you do it all again the following week. It is a great way to keep making money, BUT, you are not being honest to the public. You are not going out of business, and there is NO hurry to sell everything, EXCEPT to make room for more stuff, to sell it, and make a lot more money fast!!!! You make people think it is the end of the world, if it is not all sold during the weekend. Why canu2019t it take a week or so to sell, just like any other business? The reason is, because your false advertising will make you more money in a short period of time. You also tell people that you got all this new stuff in, AND IT HAS TO BE MOVED!!!! Well, stop bringing in so much stuff and you wonu2019t have to move it so fast……….. OH….WAIT…..A….. MINUTE… wonu2019t make as much money!!!!!! I would rather make a little money honestly, than a lot of money dishonestly………but………that…….is……..just……….me…. How do you live with yourself, knowing your gimmick is misleading people. I know how you can live with yourself, you are greedy…. I know I am not the only person that feels this way,………….but………… I am more than likely the only person to say something. Most people are slow learners, BUT, they will eventually get sick and tired of your ads ( just like me ) and stop buying from you. So, make as much money as you can!!!!! What goes around, comes around!!! Your misleading gimmick will stop working sooner or later.

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