The Granola Bar Westport Connecticut


Complaint: Firstly I must mention to you that my friends and I, we like trying new cuisines and flavors, we go out for food at least twice a month and we usually don’t pay over $22 – $25 ea . I must also declare to you that we don’t have strange willing on food. However, I feel completely ripped off and mistreated.. I ordered the TGB BLT only to find a very unpleasant and unusual rotten taste after my first bite. Not a nice experience to have when you are hungry! I went up to the counter to present my case and one of the young ladies told me that ” their bacon usually sits out for a couple of days if not more and they have never had this problem before”” . I am not sure you are supposed to leave bacon out at all

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Address: but one must respect their method.. This was my 3rd strike. I am Not sure I would be willing to risk it again..”


Phone: 275 Post Road east Westport, Connecticut USA

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