The Interchange Brokers Review


This company has a “”hiring manager”” named Brian. Brian is a “”graduate”” of J.K. Harris & Company (BBB Rating of “”F””) and their now failed spin-off company “”Financial Recovery Systems”” Brian and his father had a fledgling little credit repair company in the Baltimore area. He teamed up with J.K. Harris, changed a few features, and tried to sell the service nationwide. They got into so much trouble with Attorney Generals in several States that J.K. Harris had to shut it down and in some areas of the country, was banned from ever offering these type of services again. On Brian’s web site, he states: “”Brian was co-founder and partner of a large mid-Atlantic financial institution. He grew the company to a large and profitable enough venture to realize his exit strategy: the company he founded was acquired by a large tax services firm with 700 offices nationwide.”” Putting it mildly, Brian is grossly misrepresenting his past. J.K. Harris never had 700 location…in their hay day, it was about 500, and they were only offices rented to meet customers in – not where any work was done, which was in the Charleston, SC area. His company was a disaster, Brian ran it into the ground. Now, Brian is “”recruiting”” for The Interchange Brokers. My warning to all…if Brian is involved in any business venture that you are interested in becoming a part of – RUN the opposite direction… William .

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