The Louver Shop Review


Be very careful which state and local representatie you use, if considering the louver shop for your job. I first contracted the louver shop in Florida for the window treatments in my entire home. I had a very good experience with the rep in my area in Florida. Every aspect of the project was completed as one would have expected. Window treatments were delivered as specified, new, clean, and defect free. The installation was 100% perfect. No blinds were damaged by the installer, all the correct hardware was used. The installer even cleaned up after himself. I did not have to supervise the job or say anything other than please do not make a mess or destroy my home or blinds. I then moved to South Carolina. Based on my positive experience in Florida I contacted the local rep in South Carolina. Unfortunately the experience in this state was the complete opposit of Florida. A complete disaster which is still on going. The window treatments had been in storage in a hot filthy building for six months. The installer delivered the blinds flthy and warped. I had to tell the installer that I would not allow him to install any blinds unless they were properly cleaned. Then I had to supply cleaning materials and show the installer how to clean them. The installer did a total hack job on the installation. Nothing was measured or checked to see if it was level or straight. The installers eyeball was the tape measure and level. The installer even used painted drywall screws to mount each shutter. All The mittered joints of the shutters were pulled apart and several units were damaged due to the installers lack of expertise and care. I then contacted the sales rep. Instead of telling me that he would come look at the job and do what is necessary to make it right. He debated it with me. The most important thing to him was my use of the term drywall screws. At one point he even shouted “stop calling them drywall screws”. I then contacted customer service. They made the sales rep come to my home with the installer. They both arrived at 4 pm to attempt to finish the intallation. Just like the phone comversation. Everything was a debate with the sales rep. At 8 pm the sales rep disappeared and left the installer on his own. The installer left an hour later. Job not finished. Four defective units removed and a bothced installation attempt left behind. The installer had attempted to repair two damaged units with hot white glue and replace the DRYWALL screws with the appropriate cabinet screws. When he asked if this was ok with me. Of course I said NO. I guess that was enough and installer called it a day. It is now three months later. The sales rep sent me a text today. That my four replacement units have arrived. Obviously, I never want the sales rep or installer back in my home. Placed another call to customer service and waithing for the response. Like everything else today. Leave a message and wait. But they sure do not wait to take your money. Like a stated at the begining be very careful with this company. It all depends on the sales rep and the state. If you live in the state of South Carolina DO NOT even consider using this company.


  • Name: The Louver Shop
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Gainesville
  • Address: 1215 Palmour Dr
  • Phone: (800) 528-7866
  • Website:

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