The McKay Group Review


Debora McKay is dishonest and should not be trusted. She has a terrible reputation in the real estate market and is known as a back stabber. She will undercut her clients and screw them over for better commission. She has been blacklisted by several agencies who won’t even show her listings because they don’t want to deal with her. If you hire her you are doing so at your own risk. | When your house sits on the market for several months with no showings now you know why. When she cuts your price or low balls your value to get a quick commission now you know why. She is not an honest person and steps on everyone she comes into contact with to climb up the ladder of “success” then laughs about it behind their backs. My advice is to hire someone with integrity. | Some agents turn over houses quickly by low balling and lying to their clients. Unfortunately, it is us, the customer, who suffers while people like Debora McKay profit. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!


  • Name: The McKay Group
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Saint Charles
  • Address: 440 S. 3rd Street, Suite 205
  • Phone: (630) 513-0104
  • Website:

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