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After a big scam and let down by Fidelity land trust I was referred by Adam Forman to this new law firm he worked with. The Mizner Grande Law Firm ! I told my case would be taken over by them for a small reduced fee just for me for $950 a month retainer fee Instead of $1,200.00 normal retainer. Adam told me he talked to them and convinced them to let me have the lower fee.. He said They would be taking very good care of me and settle my modification in a short time !! From May until December 2013 I kept hearing it’s under review we working on it every time I called. And when I wanted to get it sped it up I was told that the longer it takes the better would be for me to stay in my home.. I again wanted to ensure them that was not my purpose is to stretch this out I wanted results. Then John not sure of his last name cause he never says it came on the phone and started snowballing me about having to wait to get better result.. Then the other paralegal Crystal Hernandez told me that in January 2014 would be their five-year mark of my modification not being met so we should wait till February 2014 and they would lose the loan all together in the house would be my own free and clear because the pass the five-year mark. But right in December 2013 Bank of America sold the loan to Penny Mac.!! Which made the five-year mark null and void,, but I did not find this out until Crystal Hernandez left Mizner Law and moved away ! And when I called the law firm they would not tell me and Crystal no longer works there. They real quickly assigned me to another paralegal.. And when I asked about the five-year mark they told me that it was no good since they changed companies? But when I had a big fight with John over the phone about this manner he said that they were wrong and there was Ways to fix it. Because I told them that I want out from the law firm and I did not want to pay anymore money because I don’t see any results. John convinced me that I should stay and I would be making a huge mistake now that we so close to a resolution that many of the clients that pullback call him next week and were asking him to join again… He talked me into staying in but I told him he only have three months to produce some thing or I’m gone I again turned in all my financial letters and everything they ask for and it was supposedly handled with in 3 to 4 months..3 months later I receive certified letters from Penny Mac telling me I need urgently to talk to them also nonstop phone calls from Penny Mac saying I need to call them.. When I call John at Mizner grande he told me that was normal and I should just ignore it and not get in touch with them. I notified John telling him that that’s what I pay attorney for so I would not get harassed with phone calls and letters but that was their job that’s what I pay them for every month !!! he told me that there was a different department and he had no control over it when the call me ! So I did not hear from Mizner law in two weeks.. On November 5 after Penny Mac calling me for the sixth time I answer the phone talked to a lady named Kelly I informed her they should not be calling me they should be calling my office. She said she just wanted to inform me that my modification was denied last week. So the only other option I have is to repay my rear amount on my loan and start making regular payments that would be the only way to keep my house..mind you bu one my rear amount by one was $90,000.00 dollars plus my regular loan of $160,000.00.. If I wanted to keep my house.. Or the other option was a short sale. When I called John back about this information I had to try for three days before I can get through to someone to talk to even though I left about six messages to different numbers to tell them it is urgent please call me back.. When I called one final time John picked up the phone this time.. And when I told him that the bank just told me it was the night he said he knew about this from last week.. Of course my first question to him was then why was I not informed.. He said because we were looking at other options for you before we called you back …REALLY???? He said we are working on a couple of things so just have patience and I told him I ran out of patience I want to file bankruptcy.. So long story short Mizner grandenlaw has not done anything to help me with my case is a matter of fact I feel like they hurt me even more with any chances I had left. I have not seen a single copy of any paperwork they have filed because I was never emailed any of the papers that they supposedly file never had any copies of it.. I cut off their automatic drafts from my account.. They will not receive another single penny from me is a matter of fact I would like to get a lawyer and sue and demand my money back from them The way I look at it Mizner grande owes me $17,100 for unfinished and bogus promises.. I will ask for my money back and if I don’t get it back I will turn them to the atty. Gen.’s office. Because to me it was never about prolonging to stay there that’s just what they told me.. In John’s words I was told :” just look at it as at least you have a place that you can stay and we can prolong it for as long as you want 5to 10 years till you can find something better because we are saving you money.” So trusting these lowlifes I am losing my house now.. I have to either file for bankruptcy or short sale either way I’m not going to be able to stay in my house that ment so much to me.. You see my son died in that house and it has sentimental value to me that I do not or did not want to give up and Mizner Grande knew this from the beginning. But you cannot expect crooks to have a heart or sympathy for you all they see is the big fat $. So I would also like to hire an attorney that can sue them for all the stress and pain they put me through this last year and a half of empty promises They made ! .

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