THE MOST HORRIBLE dental experience ever in my life!


I used to go to Sperbeck Dental but due to their outrageous billing, I stopped. However, I have been receiving a bill from these guys which doesnít make sense. Most of the money they are charging me is actually a cancellation fee. I was not able to make it to the clinic during my last appointment due to traffic, however, I did tell them that I will not be able to get there in time. Even though I told them that I wouldnít be able to make it, they STILL charged me! But this is not the main reason Iím writing this post. I actually went to Sperbeck Dental last week to get the gap between my front teeth removed. The gap wasnít much, but I still wanted to look good and smile without any second thoughts. I was impressed by the high ratings of Sperbeck Dental online and it was actually the ONLY reason I was going there. But Iím pretty sure that those reviews arenít legit because this place is just PATHETIC. So the doctor filled my teeth with some stuff and sent me home. Even though I did not have any gap in my teeth now, it felt uncomfortable and weird. I realized that the doctor has fucked up when I went to floss my teeth. I couldnít floss my teeth because there was literally NO GAP in my teeth. It was not what I signed up for!. And this is not all. The hygienist at Sperbeck Dental was very rude to me as well. She was supposed to do some deep cleaning and she did in the most painful and hurtful way possible. She did not stop or slowed down even when I requested her to. Iím not very happy with the service I got from Sperbeck Dental. I had high hopes from a place with a 5-star rating on Google Maps but it seems that it was all a sham. I want Sperbeck Dental to stop sending me the bill again and again. This clinic is just wasting paper this way. And if I had to define Sperbeck Dental in one word then it would be SHIT. Because they do not excel in any area at all. I tried to find ONE REASON to come here but there were NONE. They donít have good customer service, the hygienist is an asshole, the staff keeps trying to sell stuff to the customers and the doctor does not do their job properly. So if there is one thing you can take away from my experience, then it is to avoid this place. You are not going to regret this decision. I hope that more people get to know about the reality of this place so fewer people have to suffer. The level of incompetence of the staff at Sperbeck Dental is phenomenal and it is going to impress you. Thanks!

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