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To: Whom it may concern | From: Elaine Myers | RE: Complaint against The Movers Moving & Storage located at 4501 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33603. | (813) 254-0129. FEI/EIN Number: 83-2625194. Registered Agent: MCDUFFIE, CALCI. | I Called approximately 2 weeks before my move and spoke to Ann who booked my move (unfortunately she failed to tell me that they were going to overbook their staff on my moving days). I asked her if they would come out to provide an estimate and write up a contract. She stated that they do not come out and estimate and only give an hourly rate to move whatever needs to be moved. I needed pick-up on the 27th and my stuff held overnight and delivered the next day after my closing on my new home. This was a service they provide for an extra $99.00 which I agreed to pay. She was very nice and helpful and scheduled my move. | On Wednesday the 27th of February 2019 they arrived promptly at 9:15am. They were there to pick-up a living room set, 2-bedroom sets, office furniture, dining room furniture, an additional 2-piece couch, washer/dryer, patio furniture, and a lot of boxes I packed myself with moving boxes I provided. | The pick-up was going well, and they were almost finished when I left for a meeting that I had to attend by 4pm. I left them there with my cleaning staff who I have used for 15 years. | I heard from Cal (the owner’s son) at 3:28pm saying they were finished (although later I see that they billed be up to 5:15pm) That is an overcharge as the cleaning staff who locked up after they left was at my new place by 5:30pm, which is approximately 30 minutes away depending on traffic. Speaking with Cal, he stated that they would be at my new place at 8am the next day to unload. I told him that they wouldn’t be able to unload until I closed on the home, which would be around 11. He asked me to please speak with the listing agent to see if they could get in earlier as it would be a long day. I called the agent who in turn called the owners and they agreed as she had on file a hold harmless document signed by me. At 5:19pm I called Cal back to say we had approval for the earlier time slot he requested. He was happy and said he would call dispatch to let them know. | Thursday, February 28th (the next day) I arrived at my new home at 7:30am with nothing but a sport chair to sit on. When the movers had not arrived by 8:18am, I called Cal to find out an eta. I was informed to call the office because he said they had to delay my delivery. | I called the office at 8:20am and spoke to Ann concerning the delay. She stated that they moved me because of my closing time. I told her that Cal insisted that I keep the earlier time because there is an elevator in my building and that they needed the earlier time (much, much later I was told by the owner that Cal forgot to let dispatch know). Ann assured me that she would speak to dispatch aka the owner and call me right back to let me know what was going on. I received no such phone call and placed another call to her at 9:20am. I was told again that she would get with dispatch and call me right back. I received no such call and called again at 11:38am and was told again that she would get with dispatch and call me back. I received no such call and at 12:54 I repeated the same scenario to which again I did not receive a return phone call. It is now 1:57pm and I called Ann again and got the same answer. She would call dispatch and call me right back. | By this time, I am very upset and demand to speak to dispatch myself. At 2:02pm I finally speak to dispatch aka the owner Paul who informs me that he does not have a crew that can deliver my belongings. He stated that he did speak to his son Cal who did admit to forgetting to call him and let him know the time was to be at 8:00am. He said he was sorry and if he had known he wouldn’t have sent the crew to another job that wasn’t as important, and he could have delayed them. I agreed to compromise although the treatment was unacceptable. I told him that I didn’t have anything but a sports chair to sit on. We compromised that he would at least deliver a couch or bed and a tv, so I could get through the night and that the rest of my belongings would be delivered the next day. Still waiting for a bed or couch and a TV, I get a call at 7:36pm from Cal (the owner’s son) stating that they will not be delivering anything to me today. I slept on a blanket on the tile floor! | On February 29th they show up at 8:30am to unload my belongings. The move is going smoothly except for the fact one of the movers kept insisting that he needed to leave because he has kids. This started at around 11:30 and around 2pm the other mover said it’s ok, he has kids and I will finish myself. I said no that would not be ok that I am being charged for two men by the hour. Then comes another hurdle. The movers tell me they cannot take off a door so therefore will not be able to place my washer and dryer in the laundry room and would just have to leave it in the hallway by the elevator and I would need to figure it out. At 2:25pm I speak to the owner again and he tells me they will not be removing the door. I am frantic at this point because I am moving into a place that has a condo association and I can be fined for violations. Not to mention that they would be outside the elevator! I started calling handy men and found a nice guy that was came in 20 minutes, although it cost me $100 dollars. He took the door off in less than 1 minute. They moved the washer and dryer in but didn’t hook them up because they didn’t bring the dryer hose that they took off at my previous home. The handyman put the door back on in again less than a minute. | At 2:53 I speak to the owner again because the movers are demanding payment of $2174.00 and for me to sign a contract stating that all my goods have been inspected and received in good condition, meanwhile they still have a truck load of my belongings! I was held hostage. If I didn’t pay and sign than they would just leave and not finish the job. The owner told me that they expect payment before they finish (because some will refuse to pay) and that he was charging me up until 5pm but assured me that they would be finished by that time. | At approximately 4:30pm (and I will confirm with company and send separately) the elevator went down. It took approximately 30-45 minutes to fix. I was told by the movers that they called the owner and said they could leave. Meanwhile, my $1500 office desk is sitting in the condo hallway (in the elements) blocking my neighbor’s door. By the time it would have taken them to take the desk apart (remember they can’t remove doors) the elevator would have been running. Or, I said put together something in my house. Well they couldn’t because only half of my sectional couch and each bedroom only had half the parts in the rooms and half the parts still on the truck. However, there were also many, many, many boxes that could have been moved to the appropriate rooms. Even more disturbing is that they told me all my belongings that were off the truck in the parking lot would have to stay there over night, but they would be back at 7:30am. I was told that if I wanted them to place them back on the truck that I would have to pay extra for their time. I called the owner at 4:58pm and he would not answer my call. I said if you leave my belongings in the parking lot that I would call the police. I assume they talked to the owner because they put the rest of my belongings back on the truck and said they would be back at 7:30am the next day. My 10-year-old granddaughter and myself had to sleep overnight on half a sectional couch that wasn’t clamped together to which she in the middle of the night fell over and hit the floor hard. | Saturday comes and at 8:38am I call the owner because there wasn’t a truck arrival. He did not answer my call. I also texted him with no response. At 9:58am I called his son Cal and he did not answer my call either. Needless to say, no one showed up on Saturday nor did I receive a call advising me. | Now it’s Sunday and again no one shows up and again no phone call. Than finally at 12:32pm Ann sends me a text that said they would come on Monday between 8-9am. | Monday rolls around and they show up at 8:30am but put on the contract charging me at 7:30am. Cal (the owner’s son) brings the contract to me demanding an extra $542.00 dollars and forcing me to sign the contract that states all goods have been inspected and in good condition. I refused to sign until I see all my goods delivered in good condition. He says if I don’t pay the extra and sign the contract that they will leave immediately. I was held hostage again. He wouldn’t accept my American express card and said that if I didn’t pay with my check card that I would need to pay in cash or they wouldn’t finish the job. So, under duress I paid and signed. | I was charged in advance for 4 hours when it only took 3 hours. Now comes time for my desk to be removed from in front of my neighbor’s door. They precede to move it in without taking it apart (remember they can’t remove doors). I stated that the previous men could not fit it through the door and it needed to be taken apart. I was then told that why would we take it apart if we don’t have to? So, they forced it through the front door, which now has paint removed and took it upstairs. They couldn’t get it through the bedroom door so then they removed the door, which they were not allowed to do previously. My desk is now in the room and has a wood chuck missing, the support leg is not attached to the base and the drawers won’t stay closed. Other damages include a broken picture that was not wrapped, a Thanksgiving turkey plate that has been in my husband’s family for 100 years, paint scrapes on door, and a chip in my brand-new kitchen cabinet. | Finally, my first encounter from the president of my condo association was her complaining to me that the movers were throwing empty boxes in the flower bed and throwing their moving pads over the brand-new landscaping hedges. This must be the most stressful consumer experience I have ever been through. I literally could not sleep for 5 days! |


  • Name: The Movers Moving & Storage
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Tampa
  • Address: 4501 N Florida Ave
  • Phone: (813) 254-0129
  • Website:

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