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Complaint: The list is LONG, and my name has just been added. Just circle the internet and you will find since 1999 there have been nothing but complaints of being rip-off by this company. Honestly, I ordered from them in 2011. I had no problem in receiving my merchandise, and the process went smoothly. Completely unaware of the increasing fraud surrounding this company, I became a return customer.Today, I am too, a victim of thousands of dollars. After reading complaints by others who reported them to A.G. Schneiderman, the Attorney General of New York, BBB, New York Police Department, Rip Off Report, and other agencies, no one has taken action to “shut this company down.”” We are all paying an enormous price; consumers especially

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Address: banks

Website: and reputable internet companies.This brings me to ask: Why have consumer complaints been falling on deaf ears? Why are the banks allowing them to continue the right to accept payments? Why have not credit card fraud divisions revoked their entitlement to accept payments? Manufacturers

Phone: credit-card companies

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