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Hello, to all. I want to remain anonymous I am a female, age 29years old, current place, Miami, FL. Let me say it like this, this gifted, strong intutive, shamanic pyschic, knows what to do and how to do it. She is experiencd pyschic, she will not help you with anything. Back on March 28, 2019. A strong, Pyschic, had requested to follow me, on Instagram, and I followed back becus, she is also a Shaman. I, had called her, using the phone of another lady, and this pyschic had told me, that my life is going to change. She had promised me the world. She talks clear, she is sharp, and she is not slow. She knows what she is doing. She was even trained in, New Mexico, Hawaii, as well as India, by other practiconers, for her to use her gifts, to meditate, and do witchcrafts spells, like get love, get a job, and do cleansings and the whole nine yards. I, decided to trust her, to me she knows what she is doing. She did not help me as she promised. After, I had paid her $50.00 via her pay pal. I have gotten into agruements with 5 people. Then i had paid her $150.00 on April 13, 2019, and the guy that she said she was going to have me get with, with a total of $250.00, had told me on facebook to stop [censored]ing calling, on April 14, 2019, at 1:00a.m. She said that I was going to be with a man and have a job, with a total to pay. $250.00. It did not happen. Now with the $150.00. Frist, I paid it on cashapp. And she refunded me, becus she states, that her cashapp app brooke. And had me do payment of the $150.00 to her friends account, who is also a Pyschic. Then, she had another charge pending of another $150.00 via my pay pal, and I got bank credit for that. Do, not get service from Daniella Song. She will not help you, she will just promise the world, and mess everything up for you. She is a pyschic that, like I said, knowa what she is doing. She has made my friends not talk to me anymore. Instagram: Mystic Advisor It will say, try a reading today.

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