The Pyramid Collection Brick New Jersey Review


I would like to share my experience when I placed my FIRST order with The Pyramid Collection. nI placed an order with Pryamid Collection and had to return some of the items due to sizing issues. Most of the things I returned were even exchanges, some were just returned because I didn’t like the item, and I did order one new item. nPyramid provides a paper for exchanges/returns ew items. On that paper there is a box that says, “Method of Payment (For new items or uneven exchanges)”” I also provided them with my own paperwork detailing the exchanges/returns ew items and prices of each item. I showed all the calculations

and after everything was accounted for and exchanged

I owed Pyramid $30.04 + 17.99/shipping= $47.99. The “”Method of Payment”” says you must provide either a check/money order or a credit card for new items or uneven exchanges. I gave them my Debit Card number

which is linked to my checking account to pay the $47.99. What Pyramid did was credit the entire return


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