The Results Group (TRG) Baraboo Wisconsin Review


TRG should stand for The Ripoff Group. They sweet talked me into goining up with their program even though I told them I really couldnt afford it as my only income was SS Disability.They said they were giving me a great deal that I shouldnt pass up and I had nothing to lose with their 105% money back guarantee. nThen later that day I get a call fom TRG saying that I really need to add voice to my website as it would do so much more for my business and that it would pay for itself in no time. nSix months later I still havent seen 1 cent from them. I cant even get into my account anymore. I have been trying to contact them by phone to get my 105% money back but nobody ever answers. nTimothynBaraboo, WisconsinU.S.A.

3219 East Camelback Road Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.


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