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I first got a hold of the Scooter store when my doctor told me that he thinks I should start considering using a scooter to get around. I have very bad asthma with 30% lung capacity. So I gave them a call simply because of the ads on tv. They took my information about my health insurance and saw that indeed my insurance uses them for mobility equipment. In the mean time my doctor is filling out required forms so Medicare will approve of a mobility device. The scooter store said they will work along with my doctor. Well I was not approved and it turned out only because my insurance company had a new system and the doctors were have a hard time with it. Any way after that was taking care of I was approved. I hear the good news from the Scooter Store. All of this time we have been talking about Scooters. They even send me a brochure of the one I would be getting based on my weight. They are also suppose to come to your house to see if your house is big enough for a scooter to get around. About 2 days later I get a call from some fast talker telling me my electric WHEELCHAIR was approved. Wait! Hold the Fort! I said I never talked about a wheelchair. Well that is what was approved and she hangs up. I called my doctor and he said no he knows nothing about a wheelchair. I call the Scooter Store and I get a associate on the phone. Now I am taping the conversation because I just did not trust them. he tells me that the scooter store recommends what a patient should have and the person who recommends mobility equipment recommended a wheelchair. I say how could she had done that she never even came to my house or saw me even once. I have a huge house so if she came that would not have been a problem. So why the wheelchair? Well we do not really like to recommend scooters. We never really sell them that much anymore. Wait I said the name of your store is the Scooter Store. He says well if you look at our commercials you never see scooters that much. I said the name of your store is the scooter store again. He says we find them to be dangerous, I said why sell something at all and call yourself something named after something dangerous. Well he slips up and says well wheelchairs cost more money. I swear I have this on tape. Which I let my Insurance hear. I said for months we have been talking about scooters not one time did a wheelchair come up.. I said I don’t think I will be using you. And I would call them back.Well to make a already long story a little shorter I went on the internet and did some investigating about why they are pushing wheelchairs. Turns out the average electric wheelchair is the price of a small used car. At least they are 7,000 dollars. Where the scooter is usually around 2,000 with the best being around 4,000. It also turns out The Scooter store had a big lawsuit about this very thing a few years back. I reported them to my Insurance, after they heard the tape they were outraged and to medicare. I got my scooter form another vendor 2 days later and is happy as a clam. But stay away from The Scooter Store.

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