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I bought a laptop online September 4 from the source. It was delivered (left on my front step) on September 6. 17 days later the computer crashed and became extremely slow when I was able to get it back on. On day 20 I took my laptop in original packaging, with the receipt to one of the stores. At the store they didn”t know how to work the system because online and in stores have different systems. He began a text conversation with his manager. During this conversation, the manager said I had to call the customer service center to all if they would give me an extension on their 15 day return policy. My receipt (through email) started I had 30 days. The customer service rep in store went through and clicked a link, scrolled down to the bottom where they break down the 30 day return policy, where it does say that laptops are a 15 day return. I called the phone line where they told me that I need to speak with the manager about getting an extension, and there”s nothing the phone support line could do. This was not a return because I changed my mind; the product they sold me broke in an extremely short time period. Why would the source sell a product they can”t back up?! They told me to call the manufacturer, and gave me a phone number to call for them- but it was the wrong number! I did end up calling the manufacturer who was exceptional. The Source will never have me or anyone I”ve spoken to so far as a customer ever again.

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