the staff doesn’t know how to communicate


It was my first experience with a mortgage lender and I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t find the company staff pleasant. Instead, I found them cold on my regular visits to the office. There’s no communication with clients.
Teamwork is nonexistent and there’s no trained staff for loan agreements. I felt uncomfortable when I entered the office. The atmosphere is dull and lousy.
I wasn’t attended to immediately and that is a negative point for me from Cindy Tomlinson – USLending Company. The first impression from the company wasn’t warm and pleasant and that turned my excitement down.
I planned to buy a new home and contacted Cindy Tomlinson – USLending Company to cover expenses for the new home and this isn’t what I expected from the company.
I wanted the best client’s service but received nothing from here. I filled in forms and the process took three weeks.
I realized the staff wasn’t knowledgeable of the documentation requirements. The slow and painful procedure didn’t give me a positive view of the company’s professionalism toward clients.
No punctuality, no promised word kept and no quick service for what I needed in my loan application. Nothing showed progress and I began to get impatient with the loan agreements deal.
I haven’t heard from the team for weeks and since our last meeting and searched emails and telephone calls from the company every day.
The disrespectful and rude staff didn’t show me professionalism nor pleasant manners to feel comfortable with the process of paperwork.
No incredible job from Cindy Tomlinson – USLending Company and this is disappointing to have a terrible experience from loan lenders.
I called the company every day for feedback on the loan agreements and got no reply from them. They didn’t answer my calls and ignored my visits to the company. I don’t see the good service for clients and didn’t feel this is the company for me.
The inexperienced staff ruined the process of my loan applications. My loan wasn’t approved due to the lack of knowledge from the staff.
My stressful days didn’t come to an end with the company. They weren’t useful of my needs and I won’t recommend Cindy Tomlinson – USLending Company to other people for their poor management and no planning and organization of the company deals.
People need the best client services from companies, and I didn’t experience that from this company. Loan disapproved and had no contact with the company team. No email to let me know of the loan\’s disapproval and nothing of my upfront fees. I don’t wish anyone to have this awful experience as I have with Cindy Tomlinson – USLending Company. I learned of the loaning disapproval from another staff member. I plan to look for other companies for better results of loan agreements.
I don’t appreciate the unpleasant staff and the untrained skills they have. It is not worthy to me and I won’t go back there to query my upfront fees. They have stolen that from me.

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