The Surf & Safari Estate Las Vegas Nevada Review


The long story short on this folks… is that $25k was put into property improvements on this ugly house to be able to transform it into what it became after I was done. nIf I was the scammer, why would I pay $25k, to crane over 7 30 ft palm trees, pour a concrete pad, put lighting in all the trees, and have your a**hole husband put my brand new $1000 wooden tree stump tiki into the ground, which he did without my permission? nWe only had your piece of crap for 3 months, and YOU ripped me off for my last weeks rent. YOU locked my clients out who had booked the property. YOU were the one who went behind my back and YOU were the one who robbed me of my life savings, my entire life’s collection of artwork and statuary, my bank account! YOU scammed all those people out of their vacations and YOU were the one who pinned it on me using YOUR best friend and neighbor Mr. Corrupt District Attorney, now turned Judge!!! Anyway you slice it, YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU did all the damage, and you hid behind the bullsh*t you read online, without EVER saying a word about it to me. YOU are a two faced, lying, manipulating F*CKING b*tch. nYou ruined my life, my families lives, my cats lives, and the vacations of many people. nYOU were the ones who would NOT allow me to remove my property after you stole it! YOU were the ones who filed FALSE police charges on me, YOU were the pieces of sh*t that were advertising the house for rent before you ever even pulled the rest of your f*cked up plan out to launch on me. YOU were the one who lied about that wedding party smoking in the house and YOU were the ones who were gunning for me from the second you found out how I turned your failure of a airline employee “crash Pad”” which was a TOTAL FAILURE and FLOP

because your house was a piece of sh*t! You guys saw $ in your eyes and with the ice in your hearts

you turned green with envy and started conniving and manipulating until you were able to weasel your way thru a worm hole. YOU stole $100k in property from me

as well as $100 k in revenue. YOU lied straight to my face and then YOU lied to all my clients. YOU were the former gogo girl

alcoholic and prostitute. YOU are the one with the philandering a**hole husband who cheats on you all the time. He can’t stand you. You should see how bad he cringes when you come up to him and try to kiss him. He totally RECOILS!!! nSo

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