The Turkish Towel Company Review


I purchased two the Turkish Towel Company Sultan bath towels from during summer 2014 and spring 2014. One of the towels began to unravel after fewer than seven times through the washing machine. would willingly exchange the towel but they’re no longer in stock. They’ll also give a refund but I’d rather replace it. So, I contacted the Turkish Towel Company on Oct. 6 hoping that they would replace their defective towel. After explaining that I purchased it, she said they would NOT replace my defective Turkish Towel Company bath towel as it was a closeout. As the purchaser of a defective product, I was disappointed in having wasted my money on an expensive towel and having only limited recourse. I’ve never owned a towel that began to unravel in such an extremely short time. Buyer beware when purchasing Turkish Towel Company products. They didn’t stand behind their defective product.

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