Their dentistry is a scam my friends!


If you have any love for your teeth and your wellbeing, avoid this clinic at any costs! I love fashionable pieces of jewellery and of late I had in mind the idea of getting a lip piercing. For that, I just thought of getting a cosmetic dentistry done for the sake of better looking teeth, but how unfairly I have now ended up with discoloured teeth about which nothing can be done! The foolish and incompetent group of staff is happy to get all the new customers but they forget that no one will ever come again, as he might never get to live that long post their treatments. I simply wanted to go for the teeth whitening package, but they charged me such a huge amount that it really became difficult for me to arrange for it. Even when I did so, they ended up using unnecessarily cheap chemicals maybe leading to this awful condition of my teeth at present. The infrastructure is also not at all an impressive one – I was made to sit with 10 other patients that day, only because they did not have enough rooms and doctors to treat us separately. I have hated it! This must surely be a scam, for I doubt that the doctors are also not experienced at all. The immediate effects of that treatment were nothing that I could be labelling as troublesome, infact, I was so satisfied that I even thought of recommending Oblinger Family Dentistry to my friends too. But the next incidents that happened were an eye opener for me as the teeth started losing their white colour gradually and even started having hints of back!

Now, the condition of my teeth has become so miserable, that I have to think of alternative treatments. All this because of this unreliable dentistry!

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