There was no care and flexibility in my dreadful experience.


I was a patient at Davis & Goldberg Orthodontics and was disappointed by their treatment. It has been a traumatic experience to get treated by Orthodontic treatment.

The braces were put on and taken off twice and it gave an unpleasant sensation on my gums. The Orthodontists donít have a kind and caring mind toward patients. It caused me more pain and discomfort to my teeth and gums at Davis & Goldberg Orthodontics than there was before.

The office staff doesnít care about how patients feel after a procedure. I had my braces fitted fast and with poor quality. In the beginning, everything felt great. A few days later my braces fell off and I couldnít get an appointment to have it fitted again. The service is slow and the short working hours make the visit inconvenient.

Information from staff members are poorly explained and staff is not trained for their positions. It is upsetting to have waited longer for another appointment to correct the fitting of my braces. The bad experience caused my gums to bleed and the braces felt really uncomfortable.

The unprofessional and unfriendliness experience I had with Davis & Goldberg Orthodontics taught me a lesson about such practices. This improved my knowledge and to find another practice to have my braces fitted with no issues.

The high charges to straighten my teeth with braces cost me just about everything I had. Unfortunately, the sum paid didnít make my braces fit properly onto my teeth.

I believed the braces would restructure my teeth over the next two years. The problem worsened when it should have been solved by those retards. That’s why I donít recommend Davis & Goldberg Orthodontics and their services.

Incorrect information is misleading and that is how I fell prey at Davis & Goldberg, and since I had my braces fitted at the least professional practice, I had sore gums and teeth. Customerís service failed to help me on any basis. There is no interest shown to a patient of what is required when seated at the reception area. Staff members are not knowledgeable and had not reassured me in the process of installing the braces. I didnít feel calm and relaxed during the procedure.

My experience at Davis & Goldberg Orthodontics was no fun and laughter. It was uncomfortable and didnít make me feel less pain. It only increased my agony.

I donít recommend Davis & Goldberg Orthodontics so you can avoid the ordeal I had. The braces were removed due to the poor quality of the treatment I received at this orthodontics clinic. I regret my visit there and hope nobody experiences such pain and discomfort.

They donít have even keep a patientís health history when action is taken on a procedure. The treatment is not carefully considered before any surgeries. Staff members failed to inform me of their high prices. I was nervous and felt cold in the dentist room. Nobody asked how I felt before and after the procedure and that showed me the lack of emotions from their staff members.

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