Theresa Gardner Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


Didn’t know why hubby was working late so much and couldn’t be contacted while doing overtime. He left for a job Saturday morning and Sunday came and no call no show. Contacted his boss & found out he got off 3:00 Saturday afternoon. Pulled his phone records, called the number that was there Saturday afternoon and a woman picked up, said she didn’t know who he was & laid her phone down. Heard him having a whole conversation with her about me when she laid the phone down. She knew he was married. Heard him telling her all he did was go to work and church and all I did was hang in bars picking up men. Truth was…I didn’t go to bars and he didn’t go to church. || Waited about an hour, called her back, told her everything was heard and he lied. She said ok. She continued to see him. She is a homewrecker and had the nerve to say she love God.

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