They totally waste your time and keep the place dirty!


Sego Dental is filled with lazy people who donít even bother acknowledging you. I had visited this place to get a root canal. The root canal was okay but the reception and the staff are terrible. The assistant of the dentist was very rude and even told me that I should Ďshut upí. The time management at this place is really pathetic and they make you wait for at least 30 minutes after the appointed time. I had asked the receptionist one day, as to why it was taking so long for the dentist to see me. She just told me rudely that Ďhe must be meditatingí. What the hell?! The staff doesnít bother to give you a decent reply. I had to come to this place 4 times and every time, I had to wait for at least 30 minutes after the designated time before I got to see the dentist. The place doesnít even remain that busy. Whenever I visited the place, there were only a handful of people in the waiting room. Not only that, but Iíd also like to add that this place doesnít remain clean at all. Itís a dental clinic but you can see chocolate wrappers lying around in the corner. They donít really care about the patients and their experience. They just want you to visit, pay, and then leave. Youíre like a robot to them whose only use is to fill their pockets. One of their staff had spilled some water in the waiting room. But they didnít bother to clean it. They just let the spillage be. I had pointed it out but no one responded. They just ignored my complaint. I can just go on and on about their terrible customer service. They donít know how to treat the customers properly. Youíd always leave frustrated and irritated. At least I used to leave the place infuriated. They didnít listen to your complaint and they donít even greet you when you enter. I had to visit this place for a couple of times. They show no care for your time as they leave you in the waiting room and donít tell you any reason as to why the dentist isnít seeing anyone. I had noticed that a patient had been waiting there for a lot of time, he had arrived 30 minutes before me, and I had already waited for 20-something minutes. When he asked the receptionist again, she noticed his entry and then apologized for forgetting his entry. Thatís the kind of treatment these people give to their customers. They donít value you. They just value your money. They have to understand that they should behave nicely with the customers too. Iím not going there and I donít recommend anyone else to go there as well. You will waste your time and thereís a high chance that the receptionist might forget your entry too. Not a good place to visit if you think your time is important.

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