Thief Michael Faust Jr St. Mark’s Plumbing New York New York


Complaint: First of all this guy does business under a false plumbing license that is not his. Second, he uses a name like St. Mark’s plumbing and makes it seem like he is a goody two shoes. Third he rips his employees off, having them work 60 hour weeks and only paying them 40, or 41 hours, when he is feeling gracious. Anyway this piece oft gas chamber residue that made it into business is following in the tradition of his Jewish forefathers and scamming polish workers.he deserves to loose his business and be in jail because he has been doing this forever. Do not work for this company. You will not get the hours you work for. If you try to say something this , this sh*tbag maggot puss filled k*ke will make an excuse like I don’t need anymore mechanics or helpers, whatever your position; then he will fire you and don’t even think about getting your money then. Once you put some cash into a money hungry moneyvorous Jews hand it will take the jaws of life to pry it from his blood sucking Talmud loving corpse because they only believe in their right to defraud those who are not Jewish. ?

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 161 Suffolk St New York, New York USA



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