Thieves! Do not go near this company!


Federated Payment Systems promises to help with payment solutions for merchants. As a small business owner who invested my money and time with this company, I warn you now! DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACT WITH THEM.

By far the worst company out there. They are extremely unethical and unprofessional. If you donít read line by line of the contract YOU WILL GET SCREWED. I was promised all of the lowest rates possible when signing up with them. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM, ITíS ALL LIES. You will get charged to the tube in fees! They do not help if there are any issues with customers and they have the WORST customer service known to man kind.

Iíve been in a dispute with them for over a year now, and still have yet to see a cent back. When trying to cancel the representative mysteriously disappears off the face of the earth.After 2 months of persistence, I get an email address that obviously nobody responded to. They charge a HIDDEN cancellation fee of almost $1000!!!!! And when you refuse to pay, they just take it out of your bank account without your consent.

Itís companies like that make small business like mine fail, and itís shameful! Federated Payment Systems is a SCAM! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

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